Manage multiple sales teams

You can spread your sales activities into the multiple sale teams depending on the product, service or region, the purpose of setting different sales team might also be to setup the different sales process too.

Business case

The company have a different customer segments retailer and distributors and they wants to manage through different set of people as the business rules are different along with the sales tactics.


Assumed that the CRM application is installed.

Create a new sales channel

To create a new Sales Channel, goto Configuration / Sales Channels under the CRM Application. There you can set an email alias to it, every message sent to that email address will create a lead/opportunity under that sale team.


Add members to your sales channel

You can add members to any channel; that way those members will see the pipeline structure of the sales channel when opening it. Any lead/opportunity assigned to them will link to the sales channel. Therefore, you can only be a member of one channel. This will ease the process review of the team manager.


Channel specific sales stages

To jump to the stages for the specific sales challen goto Reporting / Sales Channels under the CRM Application, click on the Pipeline to see the sales process for the specific sales team. The default stages will be looking as below.


Click on the Add new column to create a new stage in the sales team, lets create Qualified Sponsor stage and drag and drop between the Qualified and Proposition stage.


The stage can be set for the specific team by adding Team on the configuration of that stage. Click on the gear icon to Edit Stage, by default this stage will be available to all the sales channel, when no Team set on stage.


Sales channel dashboard

To see the operations and results of all the sales channel at a glance, the sales manager has an access to the Sales Channel Dashboard under Reporting.


It is shared with the whole ecosystem so every revenue stream is included in it: Sales, eCommerce, PoS, etc.

Sales pipe for specific channel

Click on the Pipeline button on sales channel to see the sales pipe for any specific channel, you will find all of its opportunities related to that sales channel.



Lead score is an application which help you to assign the leads to the respective team members with in team.