Automatic leads assignation to team members

There are multiple sales people working within the sales team, the number of leads increased you have to increased the number of people to work on. The problem starts for the team manager to assign the leads to them when team grows, let’s see how you can make the team manager life easy with automatic leads assignation.

Business case

The company have a increased the team size to process the maximum leads per day as they start getting many new leads. They would like to first convert leads into opportunity and assign to the team members within team.


Install a module Lead Scoring under your Apps page available in Odoo Enterprise only.


Qualification step before creating an opportunity

The default sales activity is managed with the opportunity pipeline, you can change that to add the qualification stage before creating an opportunity.


Assumed that you start getting leads into the team, by default all those leads are unassigned.

Add members to your sales channel

You can add members to the sales team; that way those members will see the pipeline structure of the sales team when opening it. Any lead/opportunity assigned to them will link to the sales team. Therefore, you can only be a member of one channel.

You can define maximum leads that should be assigned to the member within 30 days, this will ease the process of assigning the leads to the member easily.


You can also add the specific domain on each user to be sure that each user get the specific leads to work on based on their expertise or country, etc…


You can define the size of batch using system parameters website_crm_score.bundle_size that defines the number of leads going to be process on each lead assignation schedule.

Activate the lead assignation scheduler

Enable into the debug mode and goto Schedule Action form home screen, just type the word.


Search for the Crm Score: lead assignation and Switch On the schedule action, it will automatically process 50 leads every day. If you want to assign frequent you can switch to Hours instead of Days.


You can check leads assignation manually by clicking on the Run Manually button on the schedule action.

As soon as the number of leads increase, on each schedule action you have to process more leads, you can do it by setting the system parameters. Create a new system parameters with key website_crm_score.bundle_size and set the value.