Manage lost opportunities

While working with your opportunities, you might lose some of them. You may want to keep track of those opportunities with the reasons you lost them and also the ways to recover them in the future.

Business case

The company planning to revised the price of the product they are selling and they would like to make a test offer or announcement about the to the opportunity who lost because of the reason “Too Expensive”.

Mark an opportunity as lost

While in your pipeline, select any opportunity you have to mark as lort, you will see a Mark Lost button, by clicking on that you have to select the lost reason, that can then select an existing Lost Reason or create a new one right there.



You will find your Lost Reasons under Configuration / Lost Reasons. You can manage the reasons from if you want to better organize the lost reason.

Retrieve lost opportunities

To retrieve lost opportunities and do actions on them (send an email, make a feedback call, etc.), select the Lost filter in the search bar.


You will then see all your lost opportunities. If you want to refine them further, you can add a filter on the Lost Reason.

For Example, Too Expensive.


Restore lost opportunities

From the kanban view with the filter(s) in place, you can select any opportunity you wish and work on it as usual. You can also restore it by clicking on Archived.


You can switch to List View select the opportunities you want to restore, from Action click on Unarchive to restore multiple opportunities at once.