Assign leads based on scoring

With Leads Scoring you can automatically rank your leads based on selected criterias. See how you can measure the score for an opportunity based on the user behaviour on website.

For example you could score customers from your country higher or the ones that visited specific pages on your website.


Install a module Lead Scoring under your Apps page available in Odoo Enterprise only.


Generate Leads

Leads/Opportunities can be generated through the below listed methods

  • Generate leads/opportunities from emails
  • Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page

Create scoring rules

You now have a new menu in your CRM app called Leads Management / Scoring Rules where you can manage your scoring rules. Here’s an example for a Pricing Page Score, you can modify for whatever criteria you wish to score your leads on. You can add as many criterias as you wish.


Every hour every lead without a score will be automatically scanned and assigned their right score according to your scoring rules.

Assign leads

Once the scores computed, leads can have enough information to classify that it is belongs to which sales team. Lead be assigned to specific teams using the same domain mechanism. To do so go to CRM / Leads Management / Team Assignation and apply a specific domain on each team.

This domain may include lead scores, page visited by visitor, and other information such as country, city, availability of the email or phone.

Please go through Automatic leads assignation to team members topic in Customer Relationship Management section.