Measure the score for an opportunity based on the user behavior on your website

Tracking your website pages will give you much more information about the interests of your website visitors. Every tracked page they visit will be recorded on your lead/opportunity if they use the contact form on your website.


To use this feature, install the module Lead Scoring under your Apps page available in Odoo Enterprise only.


Track a webpage

You can track any static page you want on your website under the Promote tab you will find Optimize SEO. There you will see a Track Page checkbox to track this page.


You have to visit all the pages and enabled this option for individual pages you want to track on your website.

Create scoring rules

You now have a new menu in your CRM app called Leads Management / Scoring Rules where you can manage your scoring rules. Here’s an example for a Pricing Page Score, you can modify for whatever criteria you wish to score your leads on. You can add as many criterias as you wish.


Every hour a new leads without a score will be automatically scanned and assigned their right score according to your scoring rules.


You can select Event-based rule for new rule you are about to create if you want to apply on all the existing leads which was previously computed.

Value on the score rules will be count cumulative to compute the leads/opportunities score when more then one rule found applied for the lead/opportunity.

See visited pages in opportunities

Now each time a lead is created from the contact page it will keep track of the pages visited by that visitor. You have two ways to see those pages, on the top right corner of your lead/opportunity you can see a Page Views button but also further down you will see them in the chatter too.

Both will update if the viewers comes back to your website and visits more pages.


The feature will not repeat multiple viewings of the same pages in the chatter. Your customers will no longer be able to keep any secrets from you!

Compute Score

The scheduler executes every hours and compute the score for newly added lead/opportunity.

The Scoring rules will be applied those are matching with the lead/opportunities details and score will be the summation of values from all those rules.