Access system settings using developer mode

Odoo application can be viewed in different modes, the default is normal mode suitable for normal users, it designed for great user experience. Odoo runs in three different modes:

  • Normal mode: The default mode; most users are in this mode during production use.
  • Developer mode: The name itself suggests something related to technical stuff. You can enter into the configuration of the application and Odoo’s internal system, as well.
  • Developer mode with assets: In addition to the developer mode, this loads all the resources separately such as JavaScript, CSS files, and images, instead of loading them in a bundle.


Developer mode with assets mode may be slower than all the other modes, you developer! you are welcome to this mode.

Enter into Debug mode

You can enter into debug mode by adding debug argument in the URL, i.e. Change to

The second easy way is to enter into Settings, click on the Activate the developer mode link below the version information.

Odoo debug mode

You will be able to see the Technical menu under the Settings application on successful activation of the debug mode, you can access all the system settings there.


Let’s see how to activate the developer mode and debug the assets.


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