Which marketing platform bring more visitors

The biggest challenge for every business is how do I drive more traffic to my online store?, If you able to get the visitor you can convert them into customers. There are many ways to increase the visitors, advertise on the social media marketing is one of the proven way to get attract move visitor.

But the questions is which social media can bring more visitor and where to invest?, depending on your product and consumer you should choose the social media platform to invest for the marketing, still it is worth to track which marketing platform bring how many users on your website.

Business case

The My Company is running a electronic ecommerce store, they want to invest in the paid marketing on different social media platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google.

The want to see which marketing platform drives how many new users so that they can focus more on the platform which brings more traffic.


Assumed that the Website Builder and eCommerce applications are already installed. What we need is an Link tracker application which is supporting application to the website.


Install the Website Link Tracker application if it is not installed automatically.


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