Email marketing on the lost activity to reactive them

Massmail is a great tool to send the bulk emails to your contacts. Reactive the old leads could bring your a business, nothing wrong to send them an email which could reactive opportunities from them lost once.


The correct reason required on the old leads before you send email to them, like discount on the product/service to only those customers who lost actually because of the budget.

Business case

Let’s send the offer to have 20% discount on the product/service, who actually lost because they did not have a budget.


Email Marketing is a separate app required to be installed separately, this app is not limited to use with the CRM or Sales, It can be used to send the email in bulk for Recruitment, Mailing List, Participants of the Event, etc.


Create mass mail

Create a mass mail from the Email Marketing / Mailings, you need an attractive subject, choose Leads / Opportunity in the Recipients field, below that you can actually defines the criteria to choose the leads / opportunities which will receive the email from this mass mailing.

I choose all the leads which was Lost and the reason for mark as lost because, they do not have Not enough budget.


Send Emails

The process of sending an email takes time based on the number of email to send and how fast your email service provider.

Test before you send

It is advisable to check how email looks in your mailbox before you send it to the prospects, you can check by sending a copy of the email to your own email account by clicking on Test button.


Send to all

If you found the email looks well on your mailbox, you can send email to all the leads/opportunities who are selected on the mailing.

By default email marketing will be scheduled for the specific date and time and will be processed accordingly. Emails will be generated and queued in the system, automatic scheduler will process that email queue and send those emails.


Some mail marketing may take time to send the emails depending on the email providers, some email may go to spam if if your provider does not configure well or the subject and content of the email looks like a spam mail.


Statistics will be enabled as soon as schedule start processing the email, you can actually see the number of email sent, bounced, opened by the receiver, replied on that email or number of user clicks on the link if you attached any links in the email.



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