Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will considerably improve your efficiency. Any visitor using the contact form on your website will create a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.


To activate the contact us page on your website you have to install the Contact Form application form the Apps.


Contact us page

You benefit from ready-to-use contact form on your Odoo website that will generate leads/opportunities automatically.


Default sales team

Contact form creates an lead/opportunity into the specific sales channel, to change that specific sales channel, go to Website / Configuration / Settings under Communication section you will find the Contact Form info and where to change the default Sales Channel or Salesperson.



If the same visitors uses the contact form twice, the second information will be added to the first lead/opportunity in the chatter.

Contact us page

Let’s go and fill some information into the contact us page and submit the form.


Submit for form, visitor will get the thank you page having the emergency contact detail in case if they would like to connect quickly before sales people contact them.

Opportunity in the sales pipe

The opportunity will be created in the default sales channel set on the configuration.


Formatting the phone or mobile numbers

Validate contact (phone,mobile) numbers and normalize them on leads and contacts, use the national format for your company country.



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