Convert leads into opportunities

Opportunity is a qualified lead, specific deal has met certain criteria which indicate a high value to the business, or a high probability of closing but when you have details of your visitors, it is just a lead. You have to get the enough details form you visitors, if matches with your business interest you can convert them into opportunity.

You can collect the leads instead of creating an opportunity and setup the process to qualify those leads before you convert them into opportunity.

Business case

Assumed that My company is collecting contacts of all the visitors, through contact us page or visitor tracking system. Create an leads from the contact information and qualify them before converting them into an opportunities.


By default you have an opportunity created in the sales channel, you can have a leads when someone contact you on the website contact us page or send an email to, to activate leads goto CRM / Configuration / Settings and activate the Leads feature.


You will now have a new submenu Leads under Pipeline where they will aggregate.

Qualify Leads

Send the mass mail on new leads received everyday, prepare a good description of your product service details in an email and try to get more information from leads and their expectations from your products or service.



Define a good subject, include your product / service name into the [ ] square bracket, that make sure that your email will not go to the spam.

You can convert those leads into the opportunity, when your visitor reply to your email which was sent in mass mail.

Convert lead into an opportunity

The leads can be converted to an opportunity either manually or automatic depending on the volume of leads you have.

Manual conversion

Every day review your leads having reply from the prospects and convert all those leads into an opportunities. You can apply filter Unread Messages


Open the wizard Convert to Opportunity wizard form the Action menu and you are ready to convert selected leads into opportunities.


Apply duplication option will be selected automatically when system detect the duplicate leads in the system based on the email or phone number, duplicated leads will be displayed below form.

You can change the Sales channel if you would like to transfer the opportunity in other channel. You can choose either you would like to link the opportunity with customer by selecting existing or create a new or leave empty. You can create a customer later at the time of create a proposal for them.

The Salesman has to be assigned manually while converting leads into opportunity.

Automatic conversion

The automatic conversion and assignation of the opportunity can be done with the help of Lead Score application. You have to install and configure the scoring rules and assignation rules in order to convert leads into opportunity and assign to the correct member in the team.

You can define domain on the sales channel which will fetch leads accordingly and convert it into the opportunity. The domain may include lead scores, page visited by visitor, and other information such as country, city, availability of the email or phone.

Please go through Automatic leads assignation to team members topic in Customer Relationship Management section.


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