Scan weight of the product through barcode in Point of sale

Point of sale may need to scan the product weight to decide the price. There are multiple ways to get the weight into point of sale, some of them are as below

  • You are selling predefined packs (based on weight) of the products, and you want to know which pack has been scanned at the terminal to decide the price. i.e. pack of 250grm, pack of 500grm, pack of 1kg etc.
  • You sell the items in loose packaging form, where customer create their own custom pack depending on their need, they do weight and generate the barcode accordingly.
  • The third way is more easier to use in real-life but most complex to configure in Odoo, is to attached the weight scale machine to the point of sales terminal.

Business case

The small fruit shop sells the predefined packs of the Apples, they create a packs in advance such as Pack of 250grm, Pack of 500grm or Pack of 1kg. They would like to compute the price of the pack depending on the pack scan at the terminal.


You can scan Product price or Discount from the barcode, you need to configure the barcode rules under Nomenclature (i.e. Goto Point of sale session configuration and enable Barcode Scanner option)


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